Working as a Window Washer

How to skyscrapers manage to keep their windows so clean? Window washers are highly-trained professionals that safely clean windows using the most effective strategies.

Window Washer Safety Methods

Window washers must use either a ladder or a safety cradle. The safety cradles are necessary when cleaning windows for very tall buildings.

Window washers work outdoors. As a result, they will sometimes need to work under adverse weather conditions. Also, since they work at a high altitude, they need to be familiar with safety standards so they can avoid potentially fatal falls.

Washing Windows Effectively

Window washers use various chemicals and detergents to clean windows. They must understand how to mix these chemicals to achieve the desired results. The window washers need to know the different chemicals that are used to wash windows and must understand the risks associated with using all of them.

After completing the window washing tasks, workers need to complete customer reports and must also make sure that the employees submitted their payments.

Becoming a Window Washer

Many window washers start as window washer assistants. They perform tasks such as carrying chemicals to the window washer and helping to wash the windows.

Window washers often work more in the summer because there are fewer employment opportunities in the winter.