Understanding Sales Representatives

When businesses wish to market to consumers, there are a variety of means that they employ. One of these methods is to send an independent sales representative. While they might use other means, such as telephone sales, the primary goal of the sales representative is to meet face-to-face with the client.

How Sales Representatives are Paid

Independent sales representatives usually work on a commission basis. Each sale that the representative makes is counted toward how much profit he or she makes. This might seem frightening to some since there is no set amount that the sales representative will earn. However, if the sales representative sells something with a large profit margin, the career can be very lucrative.

The Job of the Sales Representative

Independent sales representatives will often travel to directly visit with clients. His or her success is based on the ability to convince the client to purchase the product. Besides selling products, independent sales representatives are responsible for cultivating relationships with clients.

Understanding and Selling the Product

The sales representatives will often represent multiple products that are related. However, they will generally not represent products of competitors. To be able to convincingly sell a product, the independent sales representative needs to have a thorough understanding of the product that he or she is selling. These agents are often sent by the manufacturer to market their products to retailers.

The Skills Required to be Sales Representatives

The most successful independent sales representatives are those who have very good soft skills. The representative must be able to communicate very clearly so the client will understand the products.

Brands That Use Sales Reps

Major brands such as Mana, Mary Kaye, Avon, and Bed Bath and Beyond use independent sales representatives. They are also used by lesser-known companies such as local roofing companies.