3 Ways To Make Money Off Of Self Storage

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Having too much stuff is becoming a common problem for many Americans. Moving to a new address, inheriting items, downsizing, or just over collecting certain items can lead to the need for self storage units. In fact, self storage has become so popular that the amount of self storage units in the US has doubled since 1998. The need for self storage has also led to many potential ways to make a profit. Investing In Self Storage Investing in self storage facilities is a rapidly growing sector of commercial real estate. There are many reasons to invest in these facilities. The average monthly cost of a 10-foot-by-15-foot storage unit is $75-$140. Climate controlled storage units are pricier at $115-$150 for the same size space. There are also many other advantages to this type of investment. Self storage facilities require less maintenance than other buildings. They also have lower vacancy rates and more units per building than buildings that house apartments and businesses. Self storage facilities also often have stable cash flow. People often leave things in storage for years at a time.  Self Storage Auctions For those who are not interested in investing in these properties, there are other options available. One way to make money through self storage is by attending self storage auctions. When a storage unit is abandoned or has had payment on it stopped, the contents of the unit can be auctioned off to the highest bidder. This can be a great way to make money. During these auctions, the lock is cut and the potential buyers are allowed to look into the unit but are not able to sort through boxes or move anything in the unit. Buyers have to estimate how much money they can potentially make by selling off the contents of the unit. Self storage auctions can be risky, but they can also be a great way to make money and find hidden treasures. Become A Professional Organizer Since storage units can be costly, especially over a long period of time, many want to use their storage space as efficiently as possible so they do not have to rent more units than necessary. This is another area where money can be made off self storage units. Professional organizer is a profession that has become popular in recent years. People who are good with organizing can help others maximize their self storage space for a fee. Professional organizers are also in demand if they specialize in organizing and protecting certain types of items such as comic books or antiques. For more information, contact I-70 Self Storage or a similar...

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Why Flat Pricing For Embroidery Is Better Than Stitch Count Pricing

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If you are planning on having something embroidered — such as if you are interested in having embroidered shirts made for your employees — then you might be shopping around and comparing prices. This can be tough to do at times, however, because different companies charge differently for embroidery. For example, some companies charge a flat rate for embroidery, while others use the stitch count method. The stitch count method is when embroidery companies charge a certain rate based on the number of stitches that are required for each embroidered logo. For example, you might be charged per thousand stitches. With the flat rate method, you are charged a flat rate for having your logo embroidered on your shirts or other items. Although both methods make a lot of sense, you might prefer to order your embroidered products from a company that charges a flat rate. These are a few reasons why. Enjoy a More Involved Logo First of all, flat rate pricing for embroidery will allow you to enjoy a more involved logo for a more affordable price. For very simple logos, you might save a little bit of money with stitch count pricing. For more complicated logos, however, you will usually enjoy a lower price with flat rate pricing. This means that you can get as complicated with your logo as you want without worrying about pricing, since it all costs the same. Avoid Waiting Around for a Price With stitch count pricing, you never know how much your embroidery will cost until the company gives you a quote. Unfortunately, the company will not know how much it will cost until it generates a logo on its machinery. This means that you might have to wait several days before you can get a quote, which can slow down the process. With flat rate pricing, however, you will know exactly how much your embroidery will cost from the beginning. This makes it easier for you to compare pricing and will help you avoid any unnecessary waits. Enjoy More Transparent Pricing With the stitch count pricing method, you have to count on the embroidery company because you won’t really know how many stitches were used for the job. Flat rate pricing is more transparent. As you can see, it can be better to have your embroidery done by a company that charges flat rate pricing. Luckily, this is a common pricing method in the embroidery world. If you need to have work shirts or hats embroidered, contact a professional embroidery company such as Mountain Screen Impressions,...

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Tips For Choosing The Right Space Heater

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If you want to buy a heater for your home, but don’t necessarily want to invest in central heating, then you might be interested in getting a space heater. To help you make a more informed decision here is an overview of what space heaters are and what each type offers: What are space heaters and how do they work? Space heaters are built to heat individual rooms with an emphasis on flexibility. You can easily move a space heater to another room if necessary and they can be used to heat small areas much quicker than a central heater. However, this does come at a cost in terms of efficiency and coverage area. A space heater probably won’t be quite as energy efficient as a central heater and it won’t be able to heat up your entire house in a reasonable amount of time. There are two main mechanisms that are used when it comes to space heaters: Radiant Space Heaters – These units rely on radiation to effectively project heat either in a specific direction or the general immediate area. The reasoning behind this phenomenon is that radiant heaters don’t heat up the air in a room. Instead, they directly heat up objects. The ultimate result is that radiant heaters are great for quickly warming up small areas of a room. As a drawback, they are quite slow to heat up parts of the room that are not directly in the target zone of the heater.  Convection Space Heaters – On the other hand, convection heaters basically just warm up the air in a room. Some units will blow that air towards a specific area with a fan, while others heat up the air and let the natural airflow of the room do the rest of the work. Convection heaters are not quite as effective at directly heating objects (including people in the room), but they are better at making the room warmer in general. So which option is best for your purposes? If you want to turn on a heater and instantly feel warm, then a radiant heater would be a pretty good choice. However, if you are more interested in heating the room up as a whole, convection might be your best bet. You should also think about whether you want the room to stay warm after the heater is turned off. If that appeals to you, then a convection heater will be a lot more efficient. On the other hand, you might not care if the room gets colder after you leave and turn the heater off, in which case a radiant option might be more attractive. For more information, contact a professional like those at Arnold Service Co....

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Three Effective Packing Tips When You’re Loading A Storage Unit

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Visiting a self-storage facility (such as Diaz Super Storage) and renting a unit is an important first step toward better organizing your home. With access to additional storage space, you can relocate the possessions you don’t consistently need and claim victory over clutter. Regardless of the size of storage unit you rent, it’s important to take a strategic approach to packing your items — otherwise, the space will fill quickly and won’t be very organized. By devoting enough time to packing, you can ensure that your goods are not only protected but also easy to find and retrieve when you need them. Here are three packing tips to maximize your storage unit space.  Number Your Boxes And Note Their Contents To avoid the packing process becoming a free-for-all event, assign a number to each box and to meticulously write down the contents of each box. Repeating this strategy will give you a sheet with the numbers of your boxes and their contents, which will be a valuable resource when you wish to visit the storage unit at a later date to retrieve something. Instead of embarking on a lengthy and frustrating search, you’ll simply have to locate the box by its number and open it. Writing the box’s number on each side of it is a simple way to ensure that regardless of how it’s positioned, you can always identify it. Don’t Overpack It can be tempting to cram as many items into each box as you can, but doing so will often lead to complications. When a box is too heavy, you’ll risk the bottom dropping out when you move it. Overfilled boxes can bulge and lose their cubic shape, which can prevent them from stacking cleanly with other boxes. Finally, you’re risking a back injury when you’re having to consistently handle boxes that are heavier than necessary. Make Furniture A Packing Ally If you plan to store various pieces of furniture in addition to boxes, you can use the furniture’s open spaces to your advantage. Position furniture such as desks and dressers facing outward into the unit and fill their shelves and drawers with your boxes. Although you’ll need to put the boxes in place after the furniture is positioned, given the weight of trying to move everything together, you’ll greatly maximize your space. Always check the condition of your drawer slides and shelf supports to lessen the risk of placing too much weight onto the furniture and breaking...

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5 Reasons You Should Get Renter’s Insurance

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While you are probably aware of the importance of homeowner’s insurance, you might not realize that renter’s insurance can be just as necessary. If a burglary or fire happens, for example, your landlord’s insurance will probably not cover your belongings. Spending the extra money on a renter’s insurance policy can give you a peace of mind. Here are five important reasons you should get renter’s insurance: It Will Cover Your Possessions Whether it is furniture, jewelry or electronics, you probably own some items that are pretty valuable. If someone breaks into your house and robs you, or a natural disaster ruins your belongings, a renter’s insurance policy will cover the costs. Obtaining a renter’s insurance policy could possibly end up saving you thousands of dollars in the future. It Is Inexpensive The one thing you do not have to worry about with renter’s insurance is the expense. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, a typical renter’s insurance policy costs just $15 to $30 a month. That is a small price to protect your valuable belongings. Some insurance companies will lower your premiums even more if you install safety features, such as a burglar alarm, in your apartment. Your Landlord Might Make It Mandatory Some landlords require their tenants to obtain a renter’s insurance policy and provide proof. If you have your own insurance policy, the landlord will not feel responsible if something happens to your belongings. It Covers Belongings In and Out of the Home The great thing about renter’s insurance is that it covers your possessions even when they are not in your house. For example, if you leave your laptop in your car and it gets stolen, your insurance policy should cover the costs. If your belongings get stolen while you are traveling, they will also be replaced. It Covers Liability If a guest in your apartment falls down and gets hurt or even gets bitten by your dog, you may be responsible for the medical costs. If you have a renter’s insurance policy, it will cover the costs of the damages. As you can see, obtaining a renter’s insurance policy has a lot of benefits. Purchasing this insurance policy can help you save money and sleep a lot easier at night. If you are not sure what type of renter’s insurance policy is right for you, make an appointment to speak to a knowledgeable insurance agent. Contact a business like NFP, P & C, Inc. to learn...

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Building Your Business Through Communiction

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It is said that the multi-billionaire businessman, Warren Buffett, once told a group of business students that their value could be boosted by 50 percent if they learnt better communication. However, the most eloquent and customer-friendly business can only be as effective in their communication, both internal and external, as the efficient means of communication that are utilized. This includes your phone, videoconferencing, chat and customer contact systems. In fact, not only is it frustrating to customers when they are unable to have their concerns addressed by your business, because of inefficient communication services, it can help to reduce productivity in employees and can hurt your business brand. So, if you are just starting your business and have concerns for your communication systems or if your current systems are unsecured or unable to meet the increased demands of your business in either expansion or technological advancements, here are a few things to consider.  Small to medium communication needs The 2015 Buyers Guide for choosing a business phone system suggests that there are three things to consider when getting a business phone system. The first and most basic consideration is the type of phone services that you will need, whether virtual or physical office phones. The other two considerations hinge on this decision as a choice of actual office phones then requires choices as to the type of services you will need, whether landline or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The final consideration is whether to self-host the VoIP or have a cloud-based version. However, it is suggested that businesses which do not choose a cloud-based VoIP may be setting themselves up for failure in the current business climate as the $2.5 billion hosted IP market is outpacing the use of on premises PBX systems with a compound annual growth rate of approximately 29 percent. So small and medium businesses may be best served by choosing to go with the cloud from the get go, but this needs to be balanced against budget constraints, technology savvy and the needs of your business. Large-scale and global communication  Large-scale and global enterprises may have the budget to sustain multi-platform communications, but can find that doing so can increase the communication complexities in balancing the needs of the company against the reliable service providers. In fact, quite often, multiple service providers have to be used and this can put the business at a disadvantage where the systems do not work in a cohesive manner. As a result, it may serve these companies better to find a single service provider that can deliver a unified system which can work both in the U.S. as well as in other countries within which your business interests have spread. Finding such services requires some research for those that can provide reliability close to 100 percent of the time and a commitment to facilitating the resources to change the traditional ways of operating against the progressive use of technology. However, this might be what is needed to get the competitive advantage that effective communication can allow. To learn more, contact a company like Compare Business...

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How to Start the Cremation Process Once a Loved One Has Passed Away

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If you know that a loved one wanted to be cremated, it is your job to ensure that it happens. Here is some information about the cremation process so that you know what to do once your loved one has passed away. Documentation Needed to Start the Cremation Process Although the requirements can vary from state to state, generally speaking, you are going to need to have a death certificate signed by a doctor and filed with the local health department before a body can be cremated. In some states, you will also need to obtain a burial or cremation permit from the health department as well before you can proceed with the cremation process.  Circumstances Surrounding the Death When you can start the cremation process really depends on the circumstances surrounding your loved one’s death. This can have a direct influence on the paperwork process.  Hospital or Nursing Home If your loved one passes away while they are at the hospital or in a nursing home, the facility they are at should take care of the first steps of the process. They will declare your loved one dead and issue a death certificate. Generally, they will also file the death certificate with the appropriate authorities for you.  At Home After a Long Illness If your loved one passes away at home after a long illness and their death is not a surprise, you don’t need to call emergency services. You can just call their doctor and ask them to issue a death certificate. Your doctor may need to visit your home and see the body before they will issue a certificate. An Unexpected Death If your loved one passes away unexpectedly or sustains a life-threatening injury, you should call emergency services. If you know your loved one is already dead, you can indicate so on the phone to the operator so that they send out the appropriate types of emergency response personnel. If an ambulance or the police show up, they will deal with filing for a death certificate. Autopsy  Once your loved one has been legally declared dead, you can have an autopsy performed at the local hospital if you are not sure of the cause of death or if there is any foul play that is suspected in your loved one’s death. If their death was the result of a long-term illness, you don’t have to have an autopsy performed. Transporting the Body After your loved one has passed on, you can have their body transported to the location of the crematory you will be using. Although you can transport the body yourself, most people prefer to let professionals who have the right equipment to transport a body safely to do so. Often, this type of service is included in the cremation package that you purchase.  The Actual Process In most states, the crematory or funeral home will store the body for 24 hours in accordance with state laws covering how dead bodies are handled before they cremate your loved one. Once the process is over, your loved one’s remains will be placed inside of a standard cremation container unless you have purchased a specific urn for them. Once you have the remains, you can follow through with your loved one’s wishes for a service or a celebration-of-life party,...

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Upgrade The Locks And Increase Your Protection In Your New Home

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You recently moved into a pre-owned home and want to change the locks in case the previous owners gave out keys. As long as you’re working with the locks, take the time to update the deadbolts and door hardware to give you the best protection from a break-in. Here are your options for making your new home more secure for you and your family. Install the Highest Quality Deadbolt A local locksmith can show you the two common variations of deadbolts. Both will keep you secure if buy the best quality and design available. Standard Deadlock – This lock attaches to the door and has a steel bolt that moves horizontally into the door frame to keep the door closed. These come in a single cylinder or double cylinder design. The single cylinder style uses a key on the outside to open the lock and a knob or lever on the inside. The double cylinder requires that a key be used on the inside as well as the outside. This prevents someone from breaking a window next to a door and reaching in to turn the knob. Local regulations may prevent the double cylinder lock from being used in a residence because of fire safety codes. If buying this deadbolt style, look for the ANSI Grade 1 hardened steel variety. This lock can’t be shattered with a hammer and the bolt can’t be cut easily with a hacksaw. Vertical Deadbolt – This lock has two components. The first contains the bolt and attaches to the door. The second piece is a series of two or three rings on a plate that attaches to the door frame. When the door is shut, the rings fit into groves in the lock assembly on the door. The deadbolt moves up into those rings when you lock the door. This keeps the bolt hidden from anyone who wants to try to saw through the bolt. Have your locksmith show you only the ANSI Grade 1 vertical deadbolts for the best protection. The Door Frame May Be Your Weakest Link Regardless of the type of deadbolt you install, if your door frame doesn’t protect you, someone could pry or force the door open. Reinforce your door frame hardware to get the best protection. When using the standard deadbolt style, have the locksmith show you enhanced strike plates with a metal box in which the bolt will slide. This makes it harder to force a door open by pushing the bolt through a flimsy door frame. Install the strike plate with longer wood screws to prevent someone from using a crowbar to force the plate off. The vertical deadbolt doesn’t use a strike plate but the plate with the rings attaches to the frame. Use long wood screws when installing this component and place a metal reinforcing strip on the edge of the frame to prevent prying it apart to force the component off of the frame. Contact a company like Advance Lock & Key for more...

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Hiring An Armed Security Guard

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Armed security guards provide a level of security that extends beyond unarmed security. If your property experiences an armed assault or attack, armed security guards will be much more capable of defending your property. If you decide to hire an armed security guard, there are things you must consider that are beyond what you must factor in when hiring an unarmed security guard. Hire Ex-Police or Ex-Military The most common backgrounds for armed security guards are those who are former police officers or former soldiers. They will already be trained on how to use a firearm and will also be trained on how to handle stressful situations involving belligerent individuals or criminals. Ideally, if the individual has experience with deescalation and conflict resolution, he or she will be able to use non-violent solutions as often as possible. Ask About Customer Service Experience Security guards with prior experience in a customer-service role will also be a good asset because security personnel often provide customer service. Some visitors may be uncomfortable with armed guards, but if they are courteous and professional, the guests may be less frightened. Choose an Experienced Security Guard You likely will not be able to hire someone who does not have previous experience as a security guard. To become an armed security guard, one must first have worked as an unarmed security guard and then take a training course. Therefore, the pool of applicants you must choose from will be smaller and the wages the armed security guard will expect will be higher. But at the same time, you will usually receive a better-trained and more experienced security guard. Conduct a Background Check More than other employees, you will need a background check to verify that the security guard does not have a criminal history. You can open yourself up to liability concerns when your armed security guards have criminal backgrounds. Ask About the Use of Deadly Force When interviewing the security guard, discuss when the guard will be authorized to use deadly force. You will also want to consult with a lawyer regarding when you can legally allow a security guard to use legal force. Hire a Security Company The easiest way to hire armed security guards is to find a security guard company at a site like that specializes in providing an armed security guard service. That way, the company will be responsible for making sure the guards undergo the proper training and licensing procedures for your state. While you may feel uncomfortable hiring armed security guards, but your neighbors do, you will be much more likely to be...

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How To Write A Eulogy

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When you are asked to write a eulogy for a close friend or relative, you are being put in an interesting position. You are being valued highly for your relationship to the person, but also for your writing and speech making skills. You are also being put under a great deal of pressure since many people are going to hear your eulogy and it will often be used as a barometer for success regarding the funeral. This process might be so stressful that you don’t know where to begin. Here are some basic steps to get you started on writing the eulogy. 1. Write a Basic Timeline Write a basic timeline of your friendship or relationship with the person who has died. Make sure that you include any moments that stand out in your head, whether they would be considered important by others or not. If you remember the time when you both were in college and you had to take your friend to the hospital for falling off a roof, the fact that you clearly remember it is a sign that this is an important moment. You want to write everything down in order to give yourself material to write your eulogy. 2. Talk to Others Next, you are going to want to talk to other people who were close to the deceased in order to find out what they remember. Ask other people for their stories, as well as their experiences with the person who has died. Also look for important attributes of the person, such as what he or she loved or even what he or she hated. You want your eulogy to allow as many people as possible to relate, and if the deceased had a lifelong hatred of chocolate, people are going to remember that. Make sure that you write everything down. 3. Review Your List Review your list and choose between three and five memories, passions, or other attributes about the friend. Decide how you want to order them. One option is to order them chronologically. Another is to group them by location. You might want to put all of the stories from college together, and then put all of the stories from work together.  4. Write Down the Moments Type out the entire speech. You don’t necessarily have to read it word-for-word at the funeral, but putting all of your words in order will help you feel confident up at the podium. 5. Make Notecards For each story you want to tell, put a few important details about the story on a note card, with one note card per story. You can use these as a reminder when you’re giving your speech. Whether you are delivering your eulogy at a funeral, or at a memorial after cremation services, preparation is the key to...

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