The Process Of Getting RVSM Approval From FAA

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In January 2005, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) came up with RVSM regulations. Their main aim was to increase the number of flights between FL290 and FL410 levels.  Although it is not mandatory to obtain RVSM approval, it will enable Air Traffic Control (ATC) to give you desirable routing. So how do you go about getting RVSM approval from FAA? Below is a simple guideline outlining all the steps you need to follow. Certifying the aircraft The first step is ascertaining that your plane has RVSM flight operations capability. The manufacturer clearly states this capability in the Airplane Flight Manual (AFM). If your aircraft is older, check the service bulletin or the supplemental type of certificate which will show that the RVSM equipment was upgraded. If you do not find any of these on your plane, it’s an indication that your plane is not RVSM compliant. You need to call the manufacturer so that they can provide an RVSM solution for your model. Preparing application package In this second stage, you need to prepare an application package that you will submit to the FAA.  You need to develop an RVSM operations and maintenance program as part of your application. You will submit these two together with your pilot and aircraft documents to the FAA for a review. Work with experts to develop your own unique RVSM manual as there is no standard format that works for all operations.  Providing proof of RVSM pilot training You must provide FAA with solid proof that your pilot has received RVSM training. If your plane has a single-pilot rating, one of your pilots must have undergone an FAA accepted course and passed. If it is rated as a dual-pilot aircraft, then at least two of your pilots must have received the RVSM training. This training is self-paced and conducted online in some FAA accredited institutions. For your RVSM operations program to be approved, the pilots RVSM certificate must not be more than 24 months old. If it has expired, FAA stipulates that they must take another course for your RVSM package to be considered for approval. Review by FAA After completing your application package, you will submit it to the relevant FAA office for review. Two officers assigned by the operations supervisor will review your application to verify the information provided. The operations part of the application will be evaluated by the operations inspector while the maintenance part will be reviewed by the airworthiness inspector. Generally, FAA is expected to take 60 days to review your manual and give a feedback. However, it can take longer due to certain factors, such as the availability of the inspectors. Receiving approval If your plane falls under the part 91 operators, you will get an RVSM approval in the form of an automated Letter of Authorization (LOA). If it is within 135 operators, then approval will come as Operations Specifications (OPSPEC). It is important to note that the approval is not specific to any region and cannot expire once it is issued. However, it can become invalid if the operator fails to follow all the requirements stipulated in the approval document. You can check with a company like RVSM Solutions LLC. that specializes in compliance manuals to ensure the process goes...

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3 Reasons To Utilize A Job Placement Agency

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Finding a job can often be a difficult and daunting task at the best of times, but there are resources out there that can help you find the job that you need. Listed below are three reasons to take advantage of a job placement agency.  Specialized Agencies An irritating aspect of working with generic staffing agencies is that they will often contact you repeatedly for jobs that you have no interest in. For example, you may receive all manner of job offers for call center or assembly line work despite your education or experience being in a completely different industry. An easy way to avoid this issue is to take advantage of specialized job placement agencies that only work within certain industries. Some of these specialized job placement agencies will include ones that work in the financial, engineering, or technology fields. This is a good option, as it can help you get a job in an industry that will make use of your skills and experience while also helping you to advance in your chosen field rather than waste time in an unrelated field or industry. Ongoing Job Hunts One mistake that many people make when they finally do get a job is to become complacent and stop looking for new employment prospects. This can be a problem because it means that you could potentially be missing out on a position that is better suited to your skills, has better advancement opportunities or that simply provides better pay or benefits.  Once you sign up with a job placement agency, they can continue looking for suitable jobs for you, even if you have already received a job. However, you will want to make sure that the job placement agency is aware that you are interested in new job opportunities even after you get a job with one of their clients, as the agency may remove you from the list of people to contact for a new job once you have been hired elsewhere.  Permanent Placement Finally, you will want to consider utilizing a job placement agency because many of them focus on providing you with permanent, full-time positions. Sure, a temp agency can be a great way to get working fast in order to earn some money to pay your bills, but it can be frustrating to constantly be sent out on jobs that you know are going to run out in a few days, weeks, or months. However, you can avoid this issue by working with a job placement agency that has clients that are only interested in hiring permanent employees rather than cycling through temps repeatedly.  Contact a job placement agency today in order to discuss how they may be able to help you get a job in your specific field or area of expertise. Due to the availability of specialized agencies, ongoing job hunts, and permanent placement possibilities, a job placement agency, such as Career Personnel, can greatly reduce the stress and hassle that is often associated with hunting for a new...

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Tips For Memorializing A Loved One Who Was Cremated

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When your loved one passes away and opts for cremation, you might wonder about how to plan the memorial service. Without an open casket viewing, it can be tough to determine what the focal point should be. Here are a few tips to help you create a memorial display at the front of the room even if your loved one has decided to be cremated. What Is a Memorial Display? Memorial displays are a great way to showcase and celebrate your loved one’s life and memory. Working with the funeral home, you can create a table that features pictures, mementos and other items that give people some insight into his or her life and personality. How Do You Create A Memorial Display? The first thing you want to do is select the urn that you’re going to have your loved one’s ashes stored in. That urn, along with a nice picture of the deceased, will make a great center structure for the display. Around those things, you’ll want to choose a few of his or her favorite things. For example, if your loved one was active in crafts, sports or anything locally, add things that showcase those interests. Perhaps it’s a golf club or pictures from a golf outing. For craft-loving people, it might be an heirloom sewing machine or a project that they were particularly proud of. Think about the things that were important to your loved one and focus on those. You might also want to include some framed pictures of people and events that were particularly important in his or her life. Any significant awards should also have a home on the table. Consider his or her favorite color and create a theme around that color. The more inspired you are by your loved one’s memory, the more he or she is likely to be represented. How Can You Make It Interactive? Another great way to celebrate your loved one’s memory is to create a board that allows everyone to leave their own favorite picture or memory. Include cards or printed blank pages for people to write on. For more creativity, have them shaped like or designed like the urn you’ve chosen. By allowing everyone to contribute their own memories, you can then put that board into a large frame and have something you can hang at home to remember the loved one for many years to come. You might even find that it becomes a family heirloom. For more ideas about cremation memorials, check out sites like

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What Every Business Owner Should Know About Professional Translation

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As a small business owner, expanding into other countries can be daunting. Before you start translating advertising materials, business contracts and other documents, you should think about working with a professional translation service. Here’s a look at some of the reasons you need professional support before you start branching out. Speaking The Language Isn’t Enough You might believe that you don’t need translation because you speak the language of the country you’re branching into. While knowing how to speak the language can help you as a translator, it isn’t a solution. Translation requires skills that come from precise training, because it isn’t just about translating each word, it’s about evaluating the piece as a whole to avoid cultural insults and account for the use of local slang terminology. Most Translators Specialize In Specific Subject Matter This is why it’s often best to work with a translation service to have your documents prepared for international distribution. This way, you have a team of many translators who can each work on the type of information that they specialize in. This ensures that you’re getting the most skilled translation possible for your legal contracts, marketing information and sales guidelines. Translators that specialize in specific types of records are important, because they know that aspect of the industry thoroughly in the country in question. Evaluate on Skill, Not Price One common mistake made when shopping for a translation service is looking solely for the best deal. While you might spend more in the long run, looking for a service based on skill instead of price makes a difference. After all, if you’re just looking for the cheapest service, you risk mistranslation or oversight of local slang. This can put you at risk of offending your target audience. Make sure you’re working with someone based on their expertise, not the cost. The same applies to the online virtual translation services that promise to translate your documents for free. While they can convert most of the words to the other language, they cannot adjust for grammatical issues, cultural variances, punctuation or style. Nothing can replace the skill of a human translation for ensuring accuracy of all of the above. Before you start reaching out to close deals in any other country, you should work with one of the local translation services to ensure that your information is clear and concise. With these tips, you can see why a professional service is...

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Carving Out A Home Office In Tiny Homes And Small Spaces

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If you live in a small apartment or tiny home, you may not think you have the space for your own home office. The truth is, with some clever configurations and smart furniture choices, anyone has the room for a home office. Take some tips to help make your home conducive to a dedicated office space: Construct some walls. Walls are often needed to send the message that you are in a defined and off-limits work area. If you are using a small corner of a bedroom, for instance, use partitions, curtains, or a dressing screen to enclose the space. If your space lacks a door of any kind, create one—the option for privacy is very important. Clear the clutter. Make your work area a productive place that is free from distractions, including clutter. Plus, if your space is limited, you won’t have room for anything besides your technology, office supplies, and related materials. Think tall, not small. Visit a used office furniture vendor or consignment store and look for those old metal filing cabinets. These are small in diameter, yet can be stacked securely to create a vast amount of storage in a small space. Be smart and store heavy goods in the bottom filing cabinet to provide stabilization for the upper-cabinets. If you have room, go with a desk.  A desk can be the hub of your home office, although some may be a bit bulky for small spaces. Measure your office area and be realistic about how big of a desk will actually fit in the space. Allow ample room to move around and space for a decent office chair. Don’t forget the light. Invest in some good lighting fixtures for your office. Don’t rely on dimmed bedroom lighting or the shadows of setting up an office in a corner of your home. Purchase some sort of ambient light fixture that will illuminate your entire office, as well as a couple of task lamps that will make some tasks easier on the eyes. Go wireless whenever possible. Avoid the bulk and mess of cords and adapters by going wireless whenever possible. This will give you more freedom when configuring your space, without the concern of connecting cords to all of your devices. Enjoy the peace and productivity that a home office can bring—even if you live in tight quarters. Use these tips to help carve out a dedicated office in even the smallest of dwellings. Talk with office furniture retailers and consigners to find the perfect pieces to work in your space. Companies like Boss Office Products Inc may be able to meet your needs in this...

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Three Reasons To Stock More Than The Standard Moving Box Sizes

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If you are a new business owner who has just opened a packing and shipping store, no doubt you’ve got piles of standard-size moving boxes lying around. These sizes, such as the standard medium box with approximate measurements of 18 inches by 14 inches by 12 inches, are very helpful and can often cover most general moving needs. But it’s to your advantage to stock other sizes of boxes, from very small to poster tubes to other sizes because moves aren’t one size fits all. Weight Sometimes the items that people need to move are very heavy, like textbooks. Standard small boxes are usually easy to carry, but if they’re packed full of heavy books, the boxes can become nearly impossible to move. It’s better to have smaller boxes available that are large enough to hold several books but small enough so that, even when filled with heavy books, the full box is still something you can carry. Efficient Use of Space When moving, you’re undoubtedly going to end up with some empty spaces in the truck or in your storage unit, if you’re placing items in there. If you pack some smaller boxes or thinner boxes, for example, you can squeeze those into the open spots for more efficient truck or storage unit packing. Odd Items Not everything fits neatly into a square or stout rectangular box. If you have a bunch of thin but long items, for example (things like ornamental swords, for one), those need to be in a thin but long box. Buying a large box that’s long enough in one dimension to fit the swords isn’t very efficient because then you have to find other things that you can pack in the rest of the space that won’t damage the thin items. Or, you have to cut the box down and try to seal it well so that it won’t spring open while in transit. Sometimes it’s better to give those oddly shaped items their own boxes. Talk to a box manufacturer (such as Contempo Card) about creating different sizes of boxes, ones that fit what your store’s clientele seems to need. Once you find out more about what your customers are looking for, you can have the manufacturer create more and more custom sizes for you. Your customers will appreciate the fact that you’re listening to them and trying to give them products that are well-suited to what they...

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Heating Bill On The High Side? Try Out Several Budget-Friendly Solutions

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Going through winter and seeing extremely high heating bills come in is not something that you look forward to as a homeowner. However, you need to keep your home comfortable for your family. Instead of succumbing to the idea that you need to pay such a large amount to get proper heating, you should look into alternatives that allow you to start saving money, but without spending a lot of money. Add Plastic Film or Bubble Wrap to Windows One of the quickest things that you can do is apply plastic film or bubble wrap to your windows. Bubble wrap will work in a pinch, and it is an excellent solution for windows that are not regularly used. However, plastic film does not obstruct your view of the outside, so it is generally the better solution. The thickness is not really an issue, mainly because the plastic film acts as a barrier to prevent outside air from getting inside, which is perfectly accomplished through a thin layer of properly applied film. Eliminate the Gap on Doors If you have exterior door gaps, which you should be able to figure out by looking at a door during daytime and seeing if natural light pokes through the outer parts of the door, you should fix the issue. These gaps will leak air both inside and outside, which reduces energy efficiency. This problem is fixed by either adding new weatherstripping or making an adjustment or two to the door hinges to get it tightly sealed. Caulk the Electrical Outlet Covers It is easy to forget that electrical outlets may not be well-insulated. The electrical outlet cover naturally conceals everything but the sockets themselves, so it is a good idea to take a look on the inside. If air is flowing freely, all you need to do is fill the areas around the sockets with caulking. Let the Hot Bathroom Air Roam When you take a shower in the morning or a bath in the evening, you might keep the door closed after you get out and leave the room. However, leaving the door shut will prevent the hot air from spreading throughout the hallway and into nearby rooms. It will not make a noticeable difference to every room in your home, but it can help certain rooms feel a little warmer right after a shower or bath. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to lower your heating bill when you are willing to get creative. For more information, talk to a professional like Glendale Heating & Air...

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How To Optimize Performance In Your Sales Call Center

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The sales performance of your call center agents plays an integral role in your company’s overall financial success. Your agents are the first line of contact for customers and when agent performance is poor, things like call hold times, abandonment rates, and overall customer satisfaction tends to suffer. So it’s important to incorporate a few agent management practices that will effectively optimize performance throughout your call center overall – consider these options: Commit to Regular Team Meetings Task your call center managers with holding team meetings at least once a week, preferably daily if time permits. Regular team meetings encourage agent camaraderie which should help each one of them to better serve customers on a collaborative basis. Possibly more important is that each meeting will give your managers an opportunity to expand on training topics such as overcoming objections, dealing with angry customers, and upselling products. Schedule Monthly Performance Reviews Measuring the individual performance of each sales agent is an excellent way to maintain a team of strong and reliable employees who have interest in and passion for the tasks that they perform. Scheduling monthly performance reviews for your call center agents is one of the best ways to monitor their progress as time goes on. The process involves tracking and compiling employee statistics and then incorporating them into a report that can be shared during each performance review, at which time you and managers will have the opportunity to provide personalized training, acknowledge specific strengths, and address perceived weaknesses. Hire a Motivational Speaker Once a Year Hosting a motivational workshop once a year is an effective way to ensure that your agents stay engaged in the workplace on a day-to-day basis. It’s important to hire a motivational speaker to head up the event to ensure that your agents learn about the most up-to-date sale techniques, phone call handling, and de-escalation methods in the industry. You’ll find many motivational speakers who focus on your specific industry and niche, making it possible to deliver your agents with exceptional knowledge and skill building practice that competitive employees don’t likely have access to. You should also find that yearly motivational workshops help to improve employee morale, increase confidence levels, and even optimize employee insight in terms of market share statistics as well as customer retention rates and goals. These techniques will not only help to improve the performance of each agent within your call center structure, but it should improve overall employee turnover as...

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Use Office Furniture To Help With Your ADHD

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While most people may think of ADHD in connection with kids, all those kids grow up to be adults with ADHD. If you were one of those kids and you are now one of those adults working in an office, you know that you can have a really hard time staying focused and getting your work done. Your brain often just feels every little shiny thing is grabbing your attention, which distracts you from getting your work done. You may not realize that the very office furniture you use can help you control your ADHD while you are at work.  Balance Balls You’ve probably seen those big balance balls in gyms or yoga classes. You could just go with a plain balance ball, or you can find chairs that use the balance ball. The balance ball is set within the chair’s framework so that it doesn’t roll away while still giving you the benefits of the balance ball. The balance ball absorbs all the fidgeting and bouncing that people with ADHD tend to do, which can be distracting for you and for people around you.  Stand Up/Walking Desk Moving around can help your focus to0. A desk that will let you stand up or walk while you are working can help you keep your mind on your task. You can find a desk that converts from one that you can sit at to one that is the perfect height for you to do work standing up. The benefit of this is that you can switch around as needed and switching from sitting to standing can be a good way to refocus you on your task. Walking desks are usually associated with treadmills. This may be something that you use at a home office or if you have a private office. For some people with ADHD, the physicality of moving sort of quiets the distracted part of the brain.  Organizers Staying organized makes it much easier for anyone to get their work done. A lot of people with ADHD have a hard time with organizing and unorganized desks can make it very easy to get distracted. An organizer that will help you keep everything in its proper place will make it much easier on you. There are several kinds of things you can look for when you are looking for desk organizer. One is that you want to have one that only has a few slots for papers and files. You may think that your organizer should have several slots, but if it does, you are just going to end up with too many projects sitting on your desk at once. A smaller number of file slots will make you only keep the work you are currently working on in front of you.  Many people think that people grow out of ADHD as they age. It’s not that you grow out of it, it’s that you grow into better coping skills. Learning how to use your office furniture to help control your ADHD at work can be one of those coping...

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Is Your Business’s Sign Winter-Ready?

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Winter is a time when snowy, dark conditions can make it difficult to see your sign. In addition, harsh de-icing strategies can cause some signs to deteriorate. Knowing how to maintain your sign and make it easier to see in the winter can help your business draw customers. Bright Colors Stand Out If your sign doesn’t use bright colors to draw attention to your business, it’s time to think about changing that fact. If your sign uses a white background or light colors in its lettering, a snowy landscape can cause your sign to lose all definition in winter. If your sign is paintable, have an artist paint brighter colors over the existing sign. Warm, bright hues like reds and oranges will help your sign stand out among other colors in the landscape. If your business’s sign can’t be easily altered, you can still use bright colors to bring attention to your sign. Try rimming your business’s sign with garland and other colorful decorations. Doing this can draw attention to your sign during the winter months, and the decorations can be taken down in spring when they’re no longer necessary. Lights Help With Visibility It gets dark fast in winter, and the nights are longer than at other times of the year. If your sign isn’t lit (either from inside or from the exterior), you could be losing business from customers who are unable to locate your store. Even if your sign is already moderately lit, your sign may be competing with holiday lights from nearby businesses and homes. Adding extra lighting in winter can help draw attention to your sign. If your sign is lit from the inside, use brighter bulbs. If it’s lit from the outside, point extra lights at the sign to keep it bright. Height Protects the Sign from Salt If your business’s sign sits on a metal post, de-icing salts may be corroding the metal, causing the sign to deteriorate. Putting the sign up on a concrete pillar can help. Contact a sign repair company to have them fix any corroded parts, then have your sign moved to a higher location on a concrete structure to prevent this from happening again in the future. For more information about how you can make your business’s sign more effective in winter, contact a company like Apogee Signs or others that design and repair signs. Your customer service representative can give you suggestions that will help your business have a more effective sign this...

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