Tips For Memorializing A Loved One Who Was Cremated

When your loved one passes away and opts for cremation, you might wonder about how to plan the memorial service. Without an open casket viewing, it can be tough to determine what the focal point should be. Here are a few tips to help you create a memorial display at the front of the room even if your loved one has decided to be cremated.

What Is a Memorial Display?

Memorial displays are a great way to showcase and celebrate your loved one’s life and memory. Working with the funeral home, you can create a table that features pictures, mementos and other items that give people some insight into his or her life and personality.

How Do You Create A Memorial Display?

The first thing you want to do is select the urn that you’re going to have your loved one’s ashes stored in. That urn, along with a nice picture of the deceased, will make a great center structure for the display. Around those things, you’ll want to choose a few of his or her favorite things.

For example, if your loved one was active in crafts, sports or anything locally, add things that showcase those interests. Perhaps it’s a golf club or pictures from a golf outing. For craft-loving people, it might be an heirloom sewing machine or a project that they were particularly proud of. Think about the things that were important to your loved one and focus on those.

You might also want to include some framed pictures of people and events that were particularly important in his or her life. Any significant awards should also have a home on the table. Consider his or her favorite color and create a theme around that color. The more inspired you are by your loved one’s memory, the more he or she is likely to be represented.

How Can You Make It Interactive?

Another great way to celebrate your loved one’s memory is to create a board that allows everyone to leave their own favorite picture or memory. Include cards or printed blank pages for people to write on. For more creativity, have them shaped like or designed like the urn you’ve chosen.

By allowing everyone to contribute their own memories, you can then put that board into a large frame and have something you can hang at home to remember the loved one for many years to come. You might even find that it becomes a family heirloom.

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