Carving Out A Home Office In Tiny Homes And Small Spaces

If you live in a small apartment or tiny home, you may not think you have the space for your own home office. The truth is, with some clever configurations and smart furniture choices, anyone has the room for a home office.

Take some tips to help make your home conducive to a dedicated office space:

Construct some walls. Walls are often needed to send the message that you are in a defined and off-limits work area. If you are using a small corner of a bedroom, for instance, use partitions, curtains, or a dressing screen to enclose the space. If your space lacks a door of any kind, create one—the option for privacy is very important.

Clear the clutter. Make your work area a productive place that is free from distractions, including clutter. Plus, if your space is limited, you won’t have room for anything besides your technology, office supplies, and related materials.

Think tall, not small. Visit a used office furniture vendor or consignment store and look for those old metal filing cabinets. These are small in diameter, yet can be stacked securely to create a vast amount of storage in a small space. Be smart and store heavy goods in the bottom filing cabinet to provide stabilization for the upper-cabinets.

If you have room, go with a desk.  A desk can be the hub of your home office, although some may be a bit bulky for small spaces. Measure your office area and be realistic about how big of a desk will actually fit in the space. Allow ample room to move around and space for a decent office chair.

Don’t forget the light. Invest in some good lighting fixtures for your office. Don’t rely on dimmed bedroom lighting or the shadows of setting up an office in a corner of your home. Purchase some sort of ambient light fixture that will illuminate your entire office, as well as a couple of task lamps that will make some tasks easier on the eyes.

Go wireless whenever possible. Avoid the bulk and mess of cords and adapters by going wireless whenever possible. This will give you more freedom when configuring your space, without the concern of connecting cords to all of your devices.

Enjoy the peace and productivity that a home office can bring—even if you live in tight quarters. Use these tips to help carve out a dedicated office in even the smallest of dwellings. Talk with office furniture retailers and consigners to find the perfect pieces to work in your space. Companies like Boss Office Products Inc may be able to meet your needs in this area.

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