Three Reasons To Stock More Than The Standard Moving Box Sizes

If you are a new business owner who has just opened a packing and shipping store, no doubt you’ve got piles of standard-size moving boxes lying around. These sizes, such as the standard medium box with approximate measurements of 18 inches by 14 inches by 12 inches, are very helpful and can often cover most general moving needs. But it’s to your advantage to stock other sizes of boxes, from very small to poster tubes to other sizes because moves aren’t one size fits all.


Sometimes the items that people need to move are very heavy, like textbooks. Standard small boxes are usually easy to carry, but if they’re packed full of heavy books, the boxes can become nearly impossible to move. It’s better to have smaller boxes available that are large enough to hold several books but small enough so that, even when filled with heavy books, the full box is still something you can carry.

Efficient Use of Space

When moving, you’re undoubtedly going to end up with some empty spaces in the truck or in your storage unit, if you’re placing items in there. If you pack some smaller boxes or thinner boxes, for example, you can squeeze those into the open spots for more efficient truck or storage unit packing.

Odd Items

Not everything fits neatly into a square or stout rectangular box. If you have a bunch of thin but long items, for example (things like ornamental swords, for one), those need to be in a thin but long box. Buying a large box that’s long enough in one dimension to fit the swords isn’t very efficient because then you have to find other things that you can pack in the rest of the space that won’t damage the thin items. Or, you have to cut the box down and try to seal it well so that it won’t spring open while in transit. Sometimes it’s better to give those oddly shaped items their own boxes.

Talk to a box manufacturer (such as Contempo Card) about creating different sizes of boxes, ones that fit what your store’s clientele seems to need. Once you find out more about what your customers are looking for, you can have the manufacturer create more and more custom sizes for you. Your customers will appreciate the fact that you’re listening to them and trying to give them products that are well-suited to what they need.

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