How To Optimize Performance In Your Sales Call Center

The sales performance of your call center agents plays an integral role in your company’s overall financial success. Your agents are the first line of contact for customers and when agent performance is poor, things like call hold times, abandonment rates, and overall customer satisfaction tends to suffer. So it’s important to incorporate a few agent management practices that will effectively optimize performance throughout your call center overall – consider these options:

Commit to Regular Team Meetings

Task your call center managers with holding team meetings at least once a week, preferably daily if time permits. Regular team meetings encourage agent camaraderie which should help each one of them to better serve customers on a collaborative basis. Possibly more important is that each meeting will give your managers an opportunity to expand on training topics such as overcoming objections, dealing with angry customers, and upselling products.

Schedule Monthly Performance Reviews

Measuring the individual performance of each sales agent is an excellent way to maintain a team of strong and reliable employees who have interest in and passion for the tasks that they perform. Scheduling monthly performance reviews for your call center agents is one of the best ways to monitor their progress as time goes on.

The process involves tracking and compiling employee statistics and then incorporating them into a report that can be shared during each performance review, at which time you and managers will have the opportunity to provide personalized training, acknowledge specific strengths, and address perceived weaknesses.

Hire a Motivational Speaker Once a Year

Hosting a motivational workshop once a year is an effective way to ensure that your agents stay engaged in the workplace on a day-to-day basis. It’s important to hire a motivational speaker to head up the event to ensure that your agents learn about the most up-to-date sale techniques, phone call handling, and de-escalation methods in the industry.

You’ll find many motivational speakers who focus on your specific industry and niche, making it possible to deliver your agents with exceptional knowledge and skill building practice that competitive employees don’t likely have access to. You should also find that yearly motivational workshops help to improve employee morale, increase confidence levels, and even optimize employee insight in terms of market share statistics as well as customer retention rates and goals.

These techniques will not only help to improve the performance of each agent within your call center structure, but it should improve overall employee turnover as well. 

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