Use Office Furniture To Help With Your ADHD

While most people may think of ADHD in connection with kids, all those kids grow up to be adults with ADHD. If you were one of those kids and you are now one of those adults working in an office, you know that you can have a really hard time staying focused and getting your work done. Your brain often just feels every little shiny thing is grabbing your attention, which distracts you from getting your work done. You may not realize that the very office furniture you use can help you control your ADHD while you are at work. 

Balance Balls

You’ve probably seen those big balance balls in gyms or yoga classes. You could just go with a plain balance ball, or you can find chairs that use the balance ball. The balance ball is set within the chair’s framework so that it doesn’t roll away while still giving you the benefits of the balance ball. The balance ball absorbs all the fidgeting and bouncing that people with ADHD tend to do, which can be distracting for you and for people around you. 

Stand Up/Walking Desk

Moving around can help your focus to0. A desk that will let you stand up or walk while you are working can help you keep your mind on your task. You can find a desk that converts from one that you can sit at to one that is the perfect height for you to do work standing up. The benefit of this is that you can switch around as needed and switching from sitting to standing can be a good way to refocus you on your task. Walking desks are usually associated with treadmills. This may be something that you use at a home office or if you have a private office. For some people with ADHD, the physicality of moving sort of quiets the distracted part of the brain. 


Staying organized makes it much easier for anyone to get their work done. A lot of people with ADHD have a hard time with organizing and unorganized desks can make it very easy to get distracted. An organizer that will help you keep everything in its proper place will make it much easier on you. There are several kinds of things you can look for when you are looking for desk organizer. One is that you want to have one that only has a few slots for papers and files. You may think that your organizer should have several slots, but if it does, you are just going to end up with too many projects sitting on your desk at once. A smaller number of file slots will make you only keep the work you are currently working on in front of you. 

Many people think that people grow out of ADHD as they age. It’s not that you grow out of it, it’s that you grow into better coping skills. Learning how to use your office furniture to help control your ADHD at work can be one of those coping skills. 

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