Is Your Business’s Sign Winter-Ready?

Winter is a time when snowy, dark conditions can make it difficult to see your sign. In addition, harsh de-icing strategies can cause some signs to deteriorate. Knowing how to maintain your sign and make it easier to see in the winter can help your business draw customers.

Bright Colors Stand Out

If your sign doesn’t use bright colors to draw attention to your business, it’s time to think about changing that fact. If your sign uses a white background or light colors in its lettering, a snowy landscape can cause your sign to lose all definition in winter. If your sign is paintable, have an artist paint brighter colors over the existing sign. Warm, bright hues like reds and oranges will help your sign stand out among other colors in the landscape. If your business’s sign can’t be easily altered, you can still use bright colors to bring attention to your sign. Try rimming your business’s sign with garland and other colorful decorations. Doing this can draw attention to your sign during the winter months, and the decorations can be taken down in spring when they’re no longer necessary.

Lights Help With Visibility

It gets dark fast in winter, and the nights are longer than at other times of the year. If your sign isn’t lit (either from inside or from the exterior), you could be losing business from customers who are unable to locate your store. Even if your sign is already moderately lit, your sign may be competing with holiday lights from nearby businesses and homes. Adding extra lighting in winter can help draw attention to your sign. If your sign is lit from the inside, use brighter bulbs. If it’s lit from the outside, point extra lights at the sign to keep it bright.

Height Protects the Sign from Salt

If your business’s sign sits on a metal post, de-icing salts may be corroding the metal, causing the sign to deteriorate. Putting the sign up on a concrete pillar can help. Contact a sign repair company to have them fix any corroded parts, then have your sign moved to a higher location on a concrete structure to prevent this from happening again in the future.

For more information about how you can make your business’s sign more effective in winter, contact a company like Apogee Signs or others that design and repair signs. Your customer service representative can give you suggestions that will help your business have a more effective sign this winter.

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