Hiring An Armed Security Guard

Posted By on Jul 29, 2015

Armed security guards provide a level of security that extends beyond unarmed security. If your property experiences an armed assault or attack, armed security guards will be much more capable of defending your property. If you decide to hire an armed security guard, there are things you must consider that are beyond what you must factor in when hiring an unarmed security guard. Hire Ex-Police or Ex-Military The most common backgrounds for armed security guards are those who are former police officers or former soldiers. They will already be trained on how to use a firearm and will also be trained on how to handle stressful situations involving belligerent individuals or criminals. Ideally, if the individual has experience with deescalation and conflict resolution, he or she will be able to use non-violent solutions as often as possible. Ask About Customer Service Experience Security guards with prior experience in a customer-service role will also be a good asset because security personnel often provide customer service. Some visitors may be uncomfortable with armed guards, but if they are courteous and professional, the guests may be less frightened. Choose an Experienced Security Guard You likely will not be able to hire someone who does not have previous experience as a security guard. To become an armed security guard, one must first have worked as an unarmed security guard and then take a training course. Therefore, the pool of applicants you must choose from will be smaller and the wages the armed security guard will expect will be higher. But at the same time, you will usually receive a better-trained and more experienced security guard. Conduct a Background Check More than other employees, you will need a background check to verify that the security guard does not have a criminal history. You can open yourself up to liability concerns when your armed security guards have criminal backgrounds. Ask About the Use of Deadly Force When interviewing the security guard, discuss when the guard will be authorized to use deadly force. You will also want to consult with a lawyer regarding when you can legally allow a security guard to use legal force. Hire a Security Company The easiest way to hire armed security guards is to find a security guard company at a site like http://www.ssnwhq.com that specializes in providing an armed security guard service. That way, the company will be responsible for making sure the guards undergo the proper training and licensing procedures for your state. While you may feel uncomfortable hiring armed security guards, but your neighbors do, you will be much more likely to be...

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How To Write A Eulogy

Posted By on Jul 14, 2015

When you are asked to write a eulogy for a close friend or relative, you are being put in an interesting position. You are being valued highly for your relationship to the person, but also for your writing and speech making skills. You are also being put under a great deal of pressure since many people are going to hear your eulogy and it will often be used as a barometer for success regarding the funeral. This process might be so stressful that you don’t know where to begin. Here are some basic steps to get you started on writing the eulogy. 1. Write a Basic Timeline Write a basic timeline of your friendship or relationship with the person who has died. Make sure that you include any moments that stand out in your head, whether they would be considered important by others or not. If you remember the time when you both were in college and you had to take your friend to the hospital for falling off a roof, the fact that you clearly remember it is a sign that this is an important moment. You want to write everything down in order to give yourself material to write your eulogy. 2. Talk to Others Next, you are going to want to talk to other people who were close to the deceased in order to find out what they remember. Ask other people for their stories, as well as their experiences with the person who has died. Also look for important attributes of the person, such as what he or she loved or even what he or she hated. You want your eulogy to allow as many people as possible to relate, and if the deceased had a lifelong hatred of chocolate, people are going to remember that. Make sure that you write everything down. 3. Review Your List Review your list and choose between three and five memories, passions, or other attributes about the friend. Decide how you want to order them. One option is to order them chronologically. Another is to group them by location. You might want to put all of the stories from college together, and then put all of the stories from work together.  4. Write Down the Moments Type out the entire speech. You don’t necessarily have to read it word-for-word at the funeral, but putting all of your words in order will help you feel confident up at the podium. 5. Make Notecards For each story you want to tell, put a few important details about the story on a note card, with one note card per story. You can use...

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